Setting Up Primary Bins
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Setting Up Primary Bins

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Setting up Primary Bins



Setting up a Primary Bin location allows for Items to have primary and secondary Bin locations within the warehouse. Assigning a Primary Bin for an Item can be used to help with suggested put away, replenishment, advanced replenishment (from other sites), and the Picking process. If an Item has a Primary Bin, the Picker will be sent to the primary Pick location first before any alternate locations where the Item may exist. When using Primary Bins, it is strongly recommended that all Items are assigned a Primary Bin location. If a Primary location is not set up for an Item and Primary Bins are turned on, it will decrease your Picking efficiency. 



To set up a Primary Bin follow this path: Inventory Operations Tab > Item Tools > Item/Bin Assignment.

Adding Or Editing a Primary Bin


Enter the Item Number of the Item you want to create a Primary Bin for.


Select a Bin Number from the Bin Number drop-down list to add and click GO.


Click Edit if the intended primary Bin is in the list or click the Add Bin/Item button to make a different Bin the primary.


Check the Primary check box if you would like to make this Bin the Item's primary Picking Bin location.


Replenishment type can be specified to send replenishment requests in real time or on a schedule.


Enter a Minimum Quantity in the Min Quantity field if this is the Item's primary Picking Bin.


Enter a Maximum Quantity in the Max Quantity field if there is a limit for this Item in this Bin.


Click the Update or Insert button to make the Bin assignment changes.




Additional Information


Refer to the Assigning Bins to Items page and the Replenish page for additional information.


If during Putaway, a Primary Bin is not showing up as expected, it could be due to the rules that require the Primary Bin location maximum to allow for the total quantity being put away. If the quantity is greater, then you will not see the Primary Bin listed on the mobile device screens.