License Plates Overview
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License Plates Overview

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License Plates Overview



In WithoutWire, a License Plate (LP) number is any object that holds items. Although LPs are associated with containers, they do not need to represent a physical entity, such as a box. Thus, you can define an LP as a collection of items. WithoutWire enables you to track, transact, and nest LPs.


You can do the following actions with License Plates:


Receive, store, and pick material by LP


View on-hand balances by LP


View LP contents


Use LPs to perform transactions


Print labels and reports for referencing container contents


Track nested LPs (for example, cartons on a pallet)


Pack, unpack, consolidate, split, and update LPs


Reuse empty LPs





Multi-level Nesting Support


WithoutWire enables you to nest LPs. For example, pallet LP5555 contains three nested LPs: LP5552, LP5553, and LP5554. In the system, you would see LP5555 as the top-level LP, and each of the three-box LPs would fall under LP5555.


Throughout the License Plates section of the Knowledgebase are several pages that have been created to help familiarize the user with License Plates and how they may be set up within the system. Explore that document section in the navigation, or refer to the related articles.