Receiving on iOS and Android Devices
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Receiving on iOS and Android Devices

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Receiving on iOS and Android Devices



Receiving is the function that allows the user to process receipts against Purchase Orders (PO’s). It is one of the many ways to introduce new inventory into the system. 




Starting the Receiving Process


By tapping the Receiving Icon, the user will be prompted with a list of all Purchase Orders. The user can then select orders by tapping or scanning. Tapping the < button in the upper left will return the user to the main menu.

If the Receiving function was accessed via a method other than tapping its icon, i.e., scanning a Purchase Order Number from the Main Menu, only that Purchase Order details will appear; not an entire list as in Step One. 


The receiving Bin that appears first in alphanumeric order will be the receiving Bin. If this Bin needs to be modified in any way, scan the alternative receiving location and begin receiving. At this point, the user can start receiving a line by doing one of the following:


Scan an Item Barcode or simply tap on the Item you want to receive and (if applicable based on Item type) enter in the lot number/serial/expiration date. 


If the configuration to require Item scan in receiving is checked on the configurations page, the user would be required to scan the Item Barcode of the Item you are receiving, as compared to just tapping on the Item.

If you scan an Item Barcode and it is not registered with the Item, the user can then use the Barcode Acquire feature by swiping the Item to the left and scanning that Barcode (or typing in that Barcode yourself) and associating it with a unit of measure for that Item. The user could then add as many as they would like. 

Once all the needed receiving details have been scanned or entered, the user can tap the OK button and Yes on the completion prompt to commit the received record. Tap the Cancel button to cancel this receive record or tap the Options button to bring up an options menu.

Completing a Purchase Order


In receiving, the OK button is always active, and the Purchase Order can be completed at any time. If no receipts have been made, tapping the OK button will simply exit the screen and return the Purchase Order to “Waiting to be Received” status. If a receipt has been made, tap the OK button to complete the Purchase Order. This will finish the Purchase Order. Depending on configuration, it may remove the Purchase Order from the Purchase Order list on the handheld or the Purchase Order will be greyed out in the Purchase Order list.


The options menu can be accessed by tapping the Options button when it is available. Below is a list of functions and their descriptions:

Print labels– This allows the user to print a product label for the currently selected record.


Damage – This allows the user to specify some of the received quantity to be damaged.

Undo – This allows the previous action to be undone, removing the last quantity that was received.


Move – Also known as Bin Transfer, this allows the user to move the product from the receiving Bin to a new location.

 Add Line – If multiple lots or expiration dates are received on a single Item, adding a line will allow the user to capture both.


UOM – This option is used to receive in any unit of measure.


 Live Support – Users can chat with a WithoutWire representative if they have questions on anything within the application.

Rapid Serial Receiving


When receiving a Serial tracked Item, the process has become more automated. Once the user has begun receiving in the Items detail screen, they will only be required to scan or key in the Serial number. The system will take care of the rest. Once a Serial Item has been scanned to receive an Item, the line will be completed automatically. This allows the user to continually scan Serial numbers of incoming Items without requiring extra steps that would normally slow the process down. Once the last line has been completed, the user will be brought back to the details screen where they will see the refreshed view showing the Item has been completely received.