Version 9.9
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Version 9.9

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Article Summary

Version 9.9


Version 9.9 is heavily focused on task creation automation and movement of inventory between sites for Inventory Requests. Multiple configurations were added to specify when tasks would be generated for Transfer orders and movements for Advanced Replenishments between sites. In addition, Advanced Put Away features now allow for suggested Bins based on a variety of characteristics, such as which Allocation Set the inventory belongs to. 




Inventory Requests


Inventory Requests are used to facilitate the movement of inventory to a specific destination. Inventory Requests can be created and added to a shared queue via the automatic replenishment process, the mobile Request Inventory tile, the WithoutWire MS FieldService add-on, or the API. They are always created in an initial status of Pending until actionable tasks have been generated.


Each Inventory Request consists of 1 Item, a quantity, and a destination to move the inventory to which may be a site, a zone, or a specific Bin. Even if multiple Items are requested at the same time, each individual Item is considered a separate request, though multiple requests may be grouped into logical units through a shared Request Group.


Queued Inventory Requests can be turned into actionable tasks for fulfillment either by the Inventory Request Task API, or via manual user selection on the Inventory Request Console. Requests are automatically moved to Complete status once quantity matching the requested quantity has been moved to the destination. Inventory Requests may be canceled at any time from the Inventory Request Console. Canceling a request will not cancel any tasks that have already been created, but it will prevent further tasks from being generated for that Request.




Move Orders


Move Orders are a new order type used to fulfill Inventory Requests by directing the user to pick and then put away inventory within a single site. Inventory Requests that require inventory from other sites will use transfer orders instead. 


The processing of Move Orders uses the existing picking screens and logic already in place. However instead of shipping or staging at the end of the picking process, the user will instead be directed into a new put away experience for moving the inventory to its destination. 




Request Inventory Tile


Modifications have been made to the Request Inventory mobile tile to work with Inventory Requests. Previously this tile exclusively created transfer orders to be shipped to the site of the requesting user. With this release, it will now create Inventory Requests. These requests will be added to the common request queue and processed via the task API or manual user input on the Inventory Request Console. Move Orders and/or Transfer Orders will be generated to facilitate the movement of the inventory to its destination. 




Advanced Replenishment


Replenishment will be reworked to allow for both zone-based replenishment as well as sourcing replenishment inventory across sites. This new form of replenishment will automatically create Inventory Requests for fulfillment and leverage the changes made for the Task API and Move Orders. The inventory requests can be real time or on a weekly or monthly schedule. 




Directed Put Away Tile


A new Directed Put Away tile will be available on the mobile device with the 9.9 release. This tile allows the user to put away inventory from a designated Bin with a similar user interface that was used in put away for Move Orders. This tile is meant to replace the older Put Away tile and will use a suggested zone destination. This tile will supplement the existing Move Order functionality by providing a “location first” approach to Put Away (as opposed to a “Order first” approach on the Move Order screens). 





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