Version 9.8
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Version 9.8

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Article Summary

Version 9.8


WithoutWire version 9.8 is our largest overhaul of picking ever. We have extended into a new set of configurations that provide flexibility in how your company prioritizes its orders, lines, zones, and customer requirements for aged products. 


In addition, our pickers benefit from even faster and more efficient techniques for better accuracy and speed with a new and improved Get Next Pick Bin option from the mobile device.  With this feature, pickers will now also see the full Bin paths and it will step through LPs in the location based on the picking order by rules.




Picking Improvements


To meet picking requirements across a broader group of business needs, we have introduced a number of new capabilities in picking. At a high level, we are delivering more automation related to containerization logic and order splitting across zones. Whether you want to create more or less serialization of a pick across zones or change the rules related to customer-specific shelf-life requirements, these settings are made via configuration and data fields. 


We also now support multiple primary Bins per zone and improvements in picking assignments.




Zone to UOM Mapping


Now we allow mapping Zones at the UOM level. This is useful if you want to be picking eaches, cases, and pallets from different zones.




New Pick Priorities


Picking at the lowest level must conform to a primary constraint. We now have support for the following types:



Default – FIFO





Always drive to FIFO regardless of additional rules.



BinSeq – 


Always adhere to Bin Sequence regardless of additional rules.



BinSeqAndOldestLP – 


Always require the oldest License Plate while adhering to Bin sequence regardless of other rules.



MinBinQty (new) – 


Always favor the minimum Bin quantities in addition to other rules such as preventing mixed lots and FIFO rules.



FewestBinPicks (new) – 


Plan the pick splits based on the fewest Bin stops to fulfill the order or waveset.






In addition to these additional rules for picking we are introducing:



RequiredShelfLife –


The system allows for each customer order to require aging limits for lot tracked inventory.



AllowUOMTearDown – 


This zone level setting determines whether units of measure stored in the zone can be broken into smaller units or must be preserved as-Is. 



PreventMixedLots – 


When set, this will require the picker to use only a single lot to fulfill an order line.



SplitByZoneInventory – 


When set, this will automatically split incoming orders into separate picking containers based on the predicted picking path for maximum efficiency. Use this in conjunction with dedicated UOM zones to automatically separate new orders into separate picking tasks based on the ordered units of measure.



PreserveLineUOM – 


When set, order lines must be picked in the unit of measure in which they were ordered.




Item Level Over Pick Settings


We now support over picking logic at the Item level. This gives your organization the ability to be flexible on over picking for some Items and less strict on others. It is now possible to set this per-Item using the Item maintenance page.




New Configurations


We’ve added 10 new configurations including the ability to manage hierarchical settings. To help customers manage so many configurations, we have redesigned the configuration settings page for easier segmentation of features and faster changes.




New and Improved ASN Receiving and Receive Inventory for Field Techs


In this new release, we are making ASN receiving easier by allowing ASN data to be imported via API calls or CSV imports. This capability can also be used to transfer orders where WithoutWire is not the source of the transfer.


We also now support the ability for users such as field techs to have more control over changes to the receive inventory function to allow for quantity changes. This ability to edit receipts is managed via a configuration setting (AllowReceivingEdits).




Mobile Inventory Adjustment Improvements


We have added a configuration setting (AllowInventoryCreation) to allow for true positive inventory adjustments from the mobile device. Previous versions limited this to negative adjustments only. 


We now support the changing of allocation sets from this screen with a new configuration called (Allocation.AllowEditing). This configuration is made at the security role level.




Main Screen Scan LP - Show Associated Order Number


If a License Plate is scanned from the main screen and it is associated with an existing open fulfillment operation, it will include this information to the user on mobile.

What's Next