Version 9.7
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Version 9.7

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Version 9.7



With a particular focus on enhanced flexibility in system configuration and setup, we have also introduced a number of performance improvements and new ways to streamline your inventory operations.



Configurable Label Printing   

It is now possible to easily configure required documents for printing when completing various inventory operations in the mobile application.


To set up document printing, navigate to System Maintenance > Document Maintenance on the Web Console and choose from the list of available process events:


OrderComplete -


Triggered when Ship Immediately is used after completing a Pick on the mobile device.



ContainerComplete -


Triggered after completing picking for an order (whether staging or shipping immediately.)



ShipComplete - 


Triggered when shipping an order using the Ship Tile on the Mobile Device.



BeginPicking -


Triggered on entering an order on the Pick Detail Screen on the mobile device.



BeginReceiving -


Triggered on entering a Purchase Order on the Receive Detail Screen on the mobile device.



ItemReceived -


Triggered on committing the receipt of an item in a Purchase Order.



ItemPicked -


Triggered on committing the pick of an item in a Sales Order.



ItemMoved –


Triggered when moving an item to an LP using the Move Tile on the mobile device.



For each of these process events, you can choose the documents required to print as well as the number of copies. For PO and Order specific events, it is possible to set up documents for a particular Vendor/Customer exclusively, by selecting them from the dropdown.


For each document set up on this page, the mobile application user will receive a printing prompt when completing the above operations. If you select “Print Silently”, the document will be sent to a default printer in the background without prompting the user on the mobile device.




User Default Printer


Mobile application users now also have the option to set their own default printer, which will cause the printer to be automatically selected whenever the user triggers a print event on their mobile device. To set up the default printer, users can simply scan the name of the printer from the main screen or enter it via the keypad. A list of the available printers can be found on the Web Console, under the System Maintenance > Add/Edit Warehouse Printer. The current default printer can be viewed from the user profile page on the mobile application.




Configuration Visibility


All WithoutWire system configurations available to users are now visible to Admins and can be modified on the Web Console on an expanded page found under System Maintenance > Configuration Settings.


In addition, it is now possible to manage Order Type, User, and Warehouse specific configurations on the Order Type Configuration, Edit User, and Create & Edit Site pages respectively. These settings can be used to override the default behavior for specified order types, users, or sites.


Also included in this release is the ability to download a SQL script containing the current configurations for the system, allowing for a rapid restore or migration of configurations to a new environment.




Improved PO Receiving Performance

Receiving performance enhancement is part of the 9.7 release, with a new configuration available to limit the number of receipts returned to the mobile device. This can be particularly useful when receiving a large number of serialized parts on a single PO, as it will greatly improve the efficiency of the data processing. To turn this setting on, modify the setting for “Number of Receipts Returned to Mobile” under Receiving Settings on the Web Console at System Maintenance > Configuration Settings.


In the above image, the configuration has been set to a value of 3 so that the mobile application is only displaying the latest 3 of the 456 serialized parts received.




Manual Order Splitting

It is now possible to split an order on demand so that it may be worked on by multiple pickers at once. To access this feature, navigate to the Order Details page for any order on the Web Console, where you will see a new column of checkboxes listed under the Pick header. Select one or multiple lines and then click “Split”. The selected lines will have a new UCC128 number assigned and will be ready to be picked separately.




Location Tracking with Item Proximity


9.7 expands upon the location tracking features added in the previous release, allowing Field Service Technicians to perform the main screen scan of an item and identify the distance from themselves to the location where the item is currently stored. To enable this feature, turn on the “Track User Location” configuration setting and set Latitude/Longitude coordinates for your sites on the Create & Edit Site page.




Improved Zebra Bluetooth Scanner Support 


Zebra Bluetooth Scanners have received additional support as part of the 9.7 release. To view the new Bluetooth Menu on the Mobile App, tap on the Hamburger Menu on the Main Screen and then tap on Scanners. A list of all scanners previously connected to the device will appear. Users can then tap on a scanner in the list to connect to it.







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