Version 11.0
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Version 11.0

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Version 11.0

WithoutWire version 11.0 provides several new capabilities to customers and prospects. V11.0 continues to build upon our inventory management system by expanding our authentication and identity capabilities, improving management of barcodes, API's, and other performance improvements .

Cycle Count Type - Quick Counts

Added new Cycle Count type – Quick Counts, which allow for operators to quickly count total quantities without needing to input data down to the serial/lot level.  These quick counts can be added to existing cycle counts.

Fulfillment Planning

Added new Web Console Fulfillment Planning page, allowing operators to view inventory demand and create requests for procuring new inventory or transferring from other sites.

Streamlined API Import Process

Streamlined API import processes for orders and purchase orders, allowing smart lookup for core item type, unit of measure, and address information so it does not need to be provided during requests.

New Configurations

Several new configurations related to manufacturing:

Allow Web Console Manufacturing - This allows users to create manufactured inventory from the MFG Console via a link under the Create column. 

Allow User to Enter Actual Quantity in Web Console Manufacturing - This allows users to enter a final manufactured quantity to handle the scenario when more or less of a finished good is created than originally expected. 

Allow Web Console Manufacturing Adjustment - This will allow users to create manufactured component adjustments from the MFG Console via a link under the Create column. The MFG Job must be set to Adjustment status by clicking the Close MFG Job button when doing Web Console manufacturing or all LPs activated or deleted if using LP Activation from mobile. 

Set MFG Complete Upon LP Activation - Controls how the MFG item creations are exported, whether as LPs are activated or not until the end when the MFG Job is closed.  

Set Manufacturing Pick Order - If set to Create Pick Order Based on Job, the system will create a MO Order Type to pick all the inventory needed for the MFG Job.  

  • Added new custom attribute types for Items, POs, Receipts, Damages
  • Added greater configurability where attributes will be prompted for collection
  • Added new Attribute management page
  • Added the ability to upload previously captured images as attributes rather than having to use the camera
  • Added asynchronous image collection so uploading image attributes occurs as a background process without locking the application UI
  • Added ability to collect LP attributes during MFG Activation on the LP Operations tile and from main screen LP scan

Usability Improvements

Many usability improvements have been made on mobile: 

  • Repositioned scan button for ease of use
  • Standardized screen headers and footers across the application
  • Reworked multi-site login for single tenant installs, allowing site to be selected from a dropdown rather than typed in 
  • Reworked Ship Tile layouts and ability to lookup contents of LPs staged for shipping page update with images
  • Added the Destination Warehouse to the Pick Detail / Pick Item Detail for transfer orders
  • Added order & line allocation information to the Pick Details and Pick Item Details
  • Added the ability to skip the Setup Wizard in new installs 
  • Added UOM ordered to Web Console Order Details page
  • Added new screens in Request Inventory allowing users to view status of their submitted requests
  • Reworked UI for configuring Bluetooth scanners
  • Added the ability to optionally capture signatures from the Receive Detail options menu 
  • Added Short and Get Next Location options to Pick Detail swipe menu
  • Added a bin field to Manage Parts & Supplies tile to select the location to adjust into

Other Changes

  • Added support for alternative (Item Identification) barcodes in the Inventory Operations tile
  • Added configurable ability to skip shipping method & carrier selection on the Ship tile
  • Added new configuration option requiring users to select a receiving bin before receipts can be committed
  • Added Move option to main screen scan lookups
  • Added ability to control by Order Type whether to ship directly from the Pick tile or using the standalone Ship tile
  • Added the ability to mark lines for backordering when shorting during picking
  • Improved data traceability of cross site moves by linking the CSM document to the originating bin transfer transaction 
  • Improvements to core Power BI Dashboard offerings
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements

What's Next