Troubleshooting Dynamics GP Integration
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Troubleshooting Dynamics GP Integration

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Troubleshooting Dynamics GP Integration



WithoutWire and Microsoft Dynamics GP integrate through Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Services. Although we do our best to prevent errors from happening, we do encounter problems with imports and exports that require manual intervention. In the sections below, we will detail where to find the WithoutWire Integration error log, and some common practices for finding more details on the errors displayed.




WithoutWire Integration Error Log


When you sign up for WithoutWire, you should have access to support by navigating to After logging in, you can click the View Errors button which will show a list of current errors your WithoutWire integration may be encountering.


A message is shown in the error log to indicate if the integration service is running successfully.   If the service is running, you will see a message that is surrounded by an orange border. This message indicates that the WithoutWire integration is running and provides a timestamp for the last time integration ran. Errors that are highlighted with a red border generally mean that a process is failing, and no imports or exports are working for that process. If you encounter an error highlighted with a red border, it is advised that you contact support to investigate any issues or questions.


When a WithoutWire Support team member encounters an error that does not have a resolution, we will add the resolution directly on the View Errors page once we have determined the cause of the issue. This helps both you and your support team. If an error on your integration log has an available resolution, a question mark will appear in the right-most column of the integration error log, clicking the question mark pop-up will address a possible resolution to the issue. In some instances, we know the error requires support and we’ve advised that users create a support case. However, in other cases, we know that the error can be resolved by an update to Microsoft Dynamics GP, in these cases users should be able to resolve the issue without contact support.


One final thought on the integration error log. When WithoutWire’s Integration Application logs an error, the error is marked with a timestamp. WithoutWire Support uses this timestamp to determine if an error is still occurring. For example, if we know that integration runs once every five minutes, and there is an error for order imports that is more than twenty minutes old, we know the issue has since been resolved and we will ignore the error. Sometimes a brief network outage or conflict with a resource will cause an error that really does not require manual intervention. As errors re-occur, their timestamp on the error log will be updated until the issue is resolved. Errors that are no longer occurring will drop off the integration log after a period of about forty-five minutes. This time can be adjusted upon request.




Dynamics GP Web Service Exception Management Console


The Dynamics GP Web Service Exception Management Console is a good resource to find more information about errors occurring between Microsoft Dynamics GP and WithoutWire. Often, the message that is returned to WithoutWire from the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Services can be vague and difficult to understand if you do not work with the product daily. In these cases, we add resolutions that point the users toward the Microsoft Dynamics GP Exception Console, where more detail is available.


Generally found on the same server as the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Services, the Microsoft Dynamics GP Exception Management Console can be found by clicking Start > Administrative Tools > Dynamics GP Web Service Exception Management Console.


In some instances, WithoutWire is not provided an Item Number, Lot Number, or otherwise pertinent piece of information as part of the error returned from Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Services. Many times, this piece of information can be obtained from the Dynamics GP Web Service Exception Management Console.




Event Viewer and the Dynamics / eConnect Error Logs


A third resource available to diagnose problems with WithoutWire and Dynamics GP integration is the event viewer. Both Dynamics and eConnect provide detailed errors through the event viewer, this is usually found on the server hosting the Dynamics GP database. Event Viewer can be accessed by clicking Start > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer. Once inside the Event Viewer, drop down the node Applications and Service Logs and select either the Dynamics or eConnect node. Clicking any of the errors displayed will cause more information to be displayed below the error log. Many times, an error that may appear cryptic on the WithoutWire Integration Error log can be much better understood through eConnect’s error logging mechanism.




In conclusion, the WithoutWire Integration Error Log, the Dynamics Web Service Management Exception Console, and the Event Viewer can be useful ways to diagnose errors and help find resolutions to any problems with your WithoutWire and Dynamics GP integration.