Setup App Users
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Setup App Users

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Setup App Users


All users must be entered into the WithoutWire™ system in order to have access to any system functionality. The User Maintenance webpage can be used to add, edit, and inactivate users.

To find the user maintenance tab, go to System Maintenance > Security > User Maintenance.

To Add a User


Click on the Add button.


Enter the username into the Username field. Keep in mind that specific users should be identifiable by this username.


Enter a valid email address in the Email field.


Enter a 4-digit numerical PIN in the PIN field. For multi-tenant cloud customers, a password needs to be entered.


Select the picking process from the dropdown for this user. Typically, this will be Single Scan Items.


Select the Shift the user will be working, if applicable.


If Persist Log-In is set to Default or True, it will keep the user signed in on a workstation.


Enter the Work In Progress Bin Description in the Work In Progress Bin Description field. This field has a limit of 50 characters. For identification purposes, it is best to use the username and include WIP at the end, for example, AdminWIP.


The Work In Progress Bin Description field can be the same name as in Step 8 or another identifier that will help you know which Bin you are referencing.


Add the appropriate user group to the Selected Groups field. See the Permissions and User Roles section.


From the Available Sites field, move the desired sites to the Selected Sites field and click on the Save button.




To Edit a User


Click on the EDIT button.


Modify the Selected Groups and Sites.


Click Save.


NOTE: A user can only be inactivated if their Work In Progress Bin is empty.