Order Shipment
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Order Shipment

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Order Shipment



WithoutWire can be configured to ship from the Web Console or the user’s mobile device. Organizations that manage shipping outside of our application may choose to either automatically ship orders upon picking completion, prompt the user to either ship the order or stage it as shown below, or automatically stage the order. For organizations that do not use staging, the order must be shipped.


Manual Order Shipment Using a Mobile Device


The Ship Tile is used to manually ship orders from the mobile device that have been picked and staged and are in a Waiting For Shipment status.


Enter the Ship tile and select an order that is waiting to be shipped.

Select a Carrier and a Ship Method that will be used for the current order.


Tap on the License Plates you will be shipping with the method that was previously selected. Utilizing the MOVE button will allow you to consolidate one or more License Plates onto one License Plate.   

Detail Options can be entered to provide specific attributes or measurements for shipment.

Measurements can be locked and selecting OK will allow you to print final documents and labels. The order will then be moved to a status of complete and no longer visible on the mobile device.



Manual Order Shipment Using the Web Console


The Order Shipment function is used to manually ship orders within the system that have been picked and staged. This feature is found in the Outbound Tab > Pick Request/Return Tools > Order Shipment.


Enter the order number in the Order Number field and click the Go button.


Confirm the order information.


Once the order is ready to ship click the Confirm Shipment button.


There will be a confirmation that the order shipped successfully, and the order should show a status of Complete.


Shipping Multiple Orders


Shipping Multiple Orders allows a user with access to the Web Console to ship all or specific orders from the Order Console.


Click on the Outbound > Pick Requests & Returns.


Filter the orders by the status of “Waiting for Shipment.”


Check the box directly in front of the Order number to select desired orders.


Once you have selected all the orders you want to ship, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Ship button.


All selected orders should be removed from the list and will ship according to Route or Shipping Method.