Manage Parts and Supplies
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Manage Parts and Supplies

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Article Summary

Manage Parts and Supplies



The Manage Parts & Supplies function is a way to adjust inventory into or out of a specific location by Job or Item number.


Begin by tapping the Manage Parts & Supplies Icon from the Main Menu. 


Tapping the “<”   icon in the upper left corner will return the user to the Main Menu.


Scan or Enter Job or Item Number and Lot Information/Serial Number/Expiration Date if applicable.


Scan the Bin location where the adjustment will take place. 


Enter the Quantity to Adjust in the Qty Field.


Select one of the following in the TypeField:


Adjustment In+ – 


Used when you need to increase or decrease inventory quantities.



Damage – 


Used when you are creating an increase or a decrease in inventory due to damages.



Obsolescence – 


Used to create an increase or a decrease in inventory because the product is no longer needed or wanted.



Physical Inventory – 


Used to add to Physical Inventory.



Variance – 


Uses the quantity as a variance.



Add any notes if needed.


Review the information, and if it is all correct, tap the OK button.