#4 - Adding Users
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#4 - Adding Users

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Adding Users



Microsoft Azure Active Directory: Security with Integrated Authentication 


WithoutWire is one of the only warehouse management solutions to integrate to Microsoft Azure AD. This allows your company to sign on to WithoutWire in the cloud and on-premise web apps running behind your firewall. Azure AD is a security and identity protection platform that gives you security across cloud and internal users. When you have a SARBANES-Oxley or SAS 90 Compliance audit, AD integration is widely used to meet stringent security requirements of these certifications.


Whether you're transacting with pharmaceuticals or delivering perishable foods, security is a must in today’s cybersecurity challenges. WithoutWire can be authenticated with your AD subscription so that your large organization can continue to manage its own security.




Adding New Users


You can’t do all the work yourself, so you’re going to have to add some users at some point. Here is a quick video tutorial on adding users. You can give these users limited permission and limit them to only specific features like picking or receiving.

Remember because we support Microsoft Azure AD B2C, we can authenticate users using any email address. Azure supplies identity protection so you can use company email addresses or even personal email accounts.


Check out this video on how you can add new users and configure security groups: