#3 - Barcodes, Reports, & Labels
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#3 - Barcodes, Reports, & Labels

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Article Summary

Barcodes, Reports, and Labels



Analyze Inventory, Create Barcodes, Print or Export


Even with digital technology, it’s hard to avoid the need for printing. Whether it’s Bin labels, delivery slips, or License Plates, we will help you through accessing reports, printing Bin labels, and generating your own Barcodes.

Your WithoutWire web console includes Business Intelligence tools. You can access these tools from the web console left navigation. Under Business Intelligence, you find dashboards and report lists. We covered Microsoft Power BI dashboards in our ISSUE #1 and now we want to get into reports and labels. Check out this video on how you can access your WithoutWire data from the web console Report List:


To view reports, log in to the WithoutWire Web Console, you can access your reports and labels by navigating to “Business Intelligence/Report List”. Try it now if you like.



Generating Barcodes


There are three ways to generate Barcodes in WithoutWire: 

  1. Web Console
  2. Microsoft Office
  3. WithoutWire App

The instructions for each can be found in the Generating Barcodes related article. 


If you can jump right in and create Barcodes using Microsoft Office tools (Word/Excel), download the ZIP template files here: GenerateBarcodes.zip Instructions on how to use the templates are included in the zip file, however, the instructions are also found in the “Generating Barcodes” related article.  Give it a try!