#2 - Receive, Putaway, & Pick
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#2 - Receive, Putaway, & Pick

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Receive, Putaway, and Pick



Links to Get Started


Receiving on the Mobile App – Check out how you can do a direct Putaway under the Options button.

Putaway from the Mobile App – Describes how the destinations are displayed to the user.

Picking from the Mobile App – To do Wavesets, you first need to know how to pick.




Picking Wavesets


Picking Wavesets is a great way to help drive efficiency in pick requests. Wavesets help combine multiple pick requests into one wave. Wavesets are commonly used in the following scenarios:

Combining Small Orders: You have many small orders for the same inventory part. You can combine them into one Pick so you don’t have all the additional foot traffic to the Bin location.


QA for Accuracy: You want to have a QA process to double-check accuracy. Under this scenario, you can set up the configuration setting for Waveset Post Pick Action to Two-Step Pick. 


For a short visual tutorial that will take you through creating a Waveset, check out this Waveset Video:

NOTEIf you want to automatically create Wavesets for certain order types, enter the order type in the Comma Separated List of Order Types that will be Automatically Imported as Wavesets field on the configuration settings page. Additional Waveset configurations are outlined on the Waveset page.